A/C Troubleshooting

Leak test, recharge and service.

AutoSpot Repair provides A/C Repair and Troubleshooting service to the Dayton, Centerville, Bellbrook, Waynesville, Springboro, Miamisburg and Kettering areas.

With the enactment of federal regulations regarding the use and disposal of refrigerants, it has become extremely important that climate control services for automobiles are handled by educated and certified mechanics. AutoSpot Repair follows the federal standards and maintains the environment by

  • Inspecting performance of the system
  • Checking for leaks
  • Recovering contained refrigerants
  • Recycling refrigerants
  • Restoring the system to peak performance
  • Pressure-testing the system

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“AutoSpot recharged our air conditioning system, and now it’s performing like new. A competitor wanted to charge us for a new system! Glad we got a second opinion.”



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